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  1. So much good information in this guide! I have a few cast iron skillets, but after I seasoned them they were sticky in some spots. I think I used too much oil and only seasoned them one time. Thank you for the tips, I will have to retry seasoning them with less oil and just bake them more than once.

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for your comment. Yes, try reseasoning. Did you season at 450 or less than that? If less, I experienced sticky spots too. So frustrating when that happens.

  2. This is such a useful guide to caring for and cooking with a staple in our kitchen. I love that you included steps for wherever you may be at in your journey using cast iron. Whether it’s a new purchase, a thrifted treasure, or a loyal old friend, any cast iron skillet will benefit from these practical tips. Thanks for sharing!

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