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    1. Then simply add more liquid. If you look at the comments on this recipe many people have had success… when working with sourdough (and bread dough in general) you need to adjust measurements based on your specific dough.

  1. I just put this recipe together and your grams and cup amount of the discard is off. It says 100 grams of discard but then it said 2/3 cup. That would be over 200 grams

    1. It depends on your starter. My starter was 100 grams at 2/3 cup. Yours is going to weigh something completely different – that’s why it’s always more accurate to use grams when baking.

    1. 4 stars
      This is the easiest discard bread recipe I have made so far. Usually the dough is so sticky it is almost unmanageable but this dough ball was similar texture to a long fermented loaf recipe.

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