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  1. Hello! I started my ferment on July 28th and on the first day it took my preferment about 30 hours to double in size. Now it’s the second day and it doubles and triples super quickly, way before the 24 hours. Is it normal to do that? I live in Belize, a very tropical country so I am not sure what I should do. Should I let it continue rise until the 24 hours have passed to feed it again? I had to switch containers because in just 1 hour of feeding it, it had already risen so much that I had to put it in a bigger container

    1. So I realized I am exaggerating when I say doubles in size but what I meant is that it rises super quickly to the point where it touches the container’s cover

      1. Hi Cassie, yes, move to a larger container. Also if it’s doubling that fast that is great! It’s a sign of a healthy starter. Your hot and humid environment can be contributing to this for sure.

        You will want to start discarding some of your starter before feeding again since it’s already rising. So skip to the day 6 and 7 instructions. Make some super yummy sourdough discard recipes! 🙂 I love my flatbread recipe, or any of my sourdough muffin recipes for this.

        Great work!

  2. I am on day 19 and my starter has only doubled twice (about a week ago). I didn’t see any troubleshooting around this but would love any suggestions. I went back to feeding it once a day because I can’t maintain the twice a day feedings currently and they didn’t seem to make a difference. I have had great bubbles from the beginning and it smells like sourdough, but I’m just not getting any rise. I have it on a heating pad – started that about day 10 because our house is cooler. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Danielle!

      Thanks for writing. So by day 19 you shouldn’t need to do twice a day feedings anymore. Once a day feedings are fine after the initial 7 days is up. Even once every couple days is totally fine! You can leave your starter in the fridge for extended periods of time too.

      Have you done the float test on your starter? If it has good bubbles I’m assuming it’s pretty active. The float test will tell you if it’s ready to make something that requires a rise (ie. sourdough loaf).

      Other than that, if you’re feeding your starter equal parts flour, water, & starter then you may just have to wait for your starter to mature longer in order for it to increase in volume. It’ll come in time!

      Have you made anything with it? How did it turn out?

  3. This post was super helpful. I feel super confident now to try my hand at making a sour dough starter again. All possible questions are answered. Great post!

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