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  1. Fall is my fave season for so many reasons. I found your post so delightful to read. You definitely inspired me to deep clean, and get ready for the Fall and long Winter ahead. Thanks for sharing and I cannot wait to read more of your posts.

  2. Fall is my favourite! I’m loving the cooler weather and getting excited about roasting and baking again. Pumpkin and chorizo soup and garlic sourdough sounds yummy!!

  3. Love using fall foliage for decor!! It’s so beautiful and naturally so cheap! Great tip! And I’m totally going to try your diffuser recipe for fall vibes!!

  4. very inspiring.
    Reading about setting the stage for a calm house made me immediately feel calm lol. I am excited to switch my schedule around to have a calm house when the husband gets home. Currently its chaos when he gets home, then calm a couple hours later but im digging the way you have it set up.

    1. Thank you! Don’t be fooled though, my house is VERY OFTEN crazy when my hubby gets home. But I find when I get the chance to make it nice and calm, the night usually goes better!

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