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  1. I’m confused about your recipe. I read the “Notes” at the bottom of the recipe. I’ll copy and paste here- Long Fermented Sandwich Bread Tips
    Grams vs. Cups – it’s best to weigh the ingredients for sourdough bread. My recipe doesn’t even suggest cup measurements because everyone’s starter, flour, and salt weigh different amounts. So 1 cup of your starter could weigh something totally different than 1 cup of my starter. Sourdough bread is fickle and needs precise grams of each ingredient.
    It talks about sourdough being fickle as the importance of weight measurements and you don’t even suggest cup measurements. And yet- your recipe is written in cup measurements! :/

    1. Well, yes, that IS confusing! Thank you for letting me know – I’ve updated the post. That was verbiage I use on MOST of my sourdough recipes since typically I do use measurements in grams vs cups. However, with this recipe I structured it differently and added a section on “how to read the dough” so people can determine for themselves how much flour is needed for their specific dough.

      Thanks so much for pointing that out!

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