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  1. I love this post. I am always curious to see how much other families spend. I like how you broke everything down, and am happy to know that I’m not the only mom who goes to multiple stores to get what’s needed. Thank you for making it easy and doable for us busy moms.

  2. You shared some really great tips. I hate the grocery store too, it my husband doesn’t line the online shopping method as he feels that we don’t get the right stuff. We just dod a grocery overhaul & spent over $700. I will definitely be saving your post to go back on.

  3. Thanks for sharing! We’ve been looking for places to source local meat and poultry. The grocery stores around us have been out a few times and I’d like better meat anyway!

  4. So much great info! I really like the sources of where to find raw milk, beef and chicken locally! We bought our first 1/3 cow 2 years ago, and are finally at the end of it – so we’re trying to find another farm to get our freezer stocked up again

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